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Deck Strip Pressure Treated Lumber Transparent and Semi-Transparent

Protect the Surrounding Area

• Use a tarp to cover delicate plants or vegetation and any other areas you may want to protect.
• Remove any furniture.

Clean the Surface

• Sweeping away any leaves or dirt using a stiff broom.

Make Any Needed Repairs

• Use a drill, screw driver or hammer to repair any damaged boards and correct any loose screws and nails.

Strip the Surface

• Apply the stripper liberally with a nylon brush or roller. We recommend Olympic Premium Stripper.
• Do not allow the stripper to come into contact with bare metal or surfaces that are to remain coated. 
• Do not allow the stripper to dry. If drying occurs, mist with water and reapply stripper. 
• Wait five to 45 minutes for the stripper to soften or dissolve the coating. Coating will easily rinse off when ready.
•  Scrub areas where needed with a stiff bristle brush. Work in the direction of the wood grain to minimize grain raising.
•  Rinse wood thoroughly.
• Allow the wood surface to dry completely.
Pro Tip: Sometimes stripping can cause tiny fibers of wood to rise to the surface. If this happens, lightly scuff-sand all surfaces of the wood with 120–150 grit sand paper. Be sure to sand with the grain, or down the long end of the board.
• Remove any sanding dust after you finish.

Test Stain Color & Appearance

• Test your stain in an inconspicuous area and allow to dry to ensure that the colour and appearance meet your expectations.

Mix Your Stain

Pro Tip: Sometimes the colour can slightly vary from can to can, so mixing them together in a larger container ensures colour consistency across the whole project.
• When using multiple containers, mix them together for best results.
• Stir the bucket thoroughly and often to keep the stain from settling.
• If your using a roller, fill the tray adequately. Otherwise dip your brush or pad into the bucket.

Start with Stairs, Railings and Trim

• It's best to begin with stairs, railings and trim.
Pro Tip: Use a drop cloth to keep any stain from dripping onto your deck.
• Use a brush to apply your stain. Rollers and sprayers won't deliver uniform coverage on anything but a flat surface.

Then Stain the Surface of Your Deck

• When you're finished with the stairs, railings and trim move onto the surface of your deck.
• Using a brush or roller,  begin by applying long, even strokes down the long end of the board, across a few boards at a time.
• Make sure to maintain a wet edge (don't let the edge of the stained area dry out because applying wet stain to dry stain can create inconsistent results).
Pro Tip: If you need to stop, stop only after you've completely finished the entire board so you don't have to start up again in the middle of a plank.
• When using a roller or pad, use a stain brush and brush it back across the board to remove any excess puddling and to even out the stain.
• Once you've started, stain each section without interruption, including the visible ends of the boards so that your deck dries evenly

Pro Tip: Less is best. When using a transparent or semi-transparent stain, one coat is all you need! Resist the urge to apply more. The colour should be subtle and highlight the grain. Over-application could affect the penetration of the finish.


• For water-based finishes, use soap & water to clean up tools.
• For oil-based finishes, use soap & water to clean up tools.
Pro Tip: How do you know if you have an oil-based or water-based coating? Check the label! The back of the label will recommend a clean-up method.

Replace Furniture

• After you're done give the stain 24–48 hours to dry before walking on it or replacing the furniture.
• Wait at least 30 days before washing the surface.

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