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Weather-Ready Technology Helps You Stain

Successfully stain your exterior wood surface in damp conditions, on hot or cold days, and in less time

The process of staining your wood surface is no longer dependent on perfect weather conditions. Olympic MAXIMUM® Weather-Ready Application gives you greater opportunities for staining when it may rain or if the weather is too hot or cold.  Now you can stain your deck when you want, not when the weather allows it.

Let's look at 5 reasons staining your deck with Weather-Ready Application makes sense for your next staining project.

You can clean & stain after the rain**

No more waiting for the right weather

Weather-Ready Application allows you to clean and stain your deck in the same day. Your wood can even be damp*. A quick storm on Friday won't stop you from staining your deck on Saturday (or even that same day in some cases).***

It allows you to mist & apply on hot sunny days

High temperatures won't slow down your staining

High quality resins (the backbone of our powerful stains) allow you to apply stains across a large temperature window. How? They allow you to apply fresh stain** after misting your wood with water, which helps reduce the surface temperature. This process prevents stain from drying too quickly and helps alleviate brush marks.

Your refinished deck is rain-ready in 8-12 hours

Your refinished deck is ready in hours, not days

Robust resin systems promote adhesion between the stain and your wood. So, rain can fall on your deck only 8 hours after being freshly stained with MAXIMUM clear, toner or semi-transparent stains. MAXIMUM solid color stain takes only 12 hours to be ready for rain.

You can apply Weather-Ready stains down to 35ºF

Your staining season just got longer

Weather-Ready Application makes stain work down to temperatures as low as 35ºF. This larger temperature window means that you can start and finish your staining project earlier or later in the season. You only need your day and night temperatures to stay above 35ºF.

You can now apply stain to damp or dry wood

Thanks to this advanced water-based acrylic shell and process, you can apply select Olympic MAXIMUM stains to damp or dry wood. You get gorgeous and protected wood, while also having the flexibility to stain on your schedule and drive consistent results. So bring on the rain, the cold and the summer heat. Olympic MAXIMUM's Weather-Ready Application means your staining possibilities are endless.

See Weather-Ready Application come to life

Experience a Weather-Ready application demonstration and contribute to a Guinness World Records® attempt for the largest paintbrush mosaic during the MAXIMUM Blitz Tour. This 21-stop tour will provide Lowe’s® shoppers and guests with unique, interactive demonstrations of Olympic MAXIMUM ® stain, which provides a wider window of time to stain wood, even in adverse weather conditions. 

*Weather-Ready Application features vary by product.  See your product label for exact details. 
**Not applicable to solid colour stains
***There should be no puddles of water present on your wood surface 

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