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Great Stain Colours For Sheds

Choose The Right Colour For A Chic Shed

Staining your shed is an easy way to spruce up your curb appeal and make your yard look great, but what does it take to find the right stain? Although it's vital to pick the right product that you can use easily and affordably, it's equally important to pick a colour that suits you. With a wide variety of colour choices and an overwhelming amount of options, it can feel difficult to begin your search for the perfect shed colours. This article shows off some stunning solid colour stains for sheds that will turn your backyard into a seemingly brand-new paradise.


  Of all the colours for sheds, Bayberry is surely a great option. Exciting yet sophisticated, this colour is an easy choice if you're not sure what exactly will match your home. Taking inspiration from both earthy browns and slate grey, it's a solid mixture of some of the world's most beloved colours for exterior home decor.

Bayberry is one of the best solid colour stains for sheds because it's likely to match the exterior decor you already have in place. There's no need to bring in vibrant accent pieces or replace the furniture to make the stain colour work, unless of course you want to. This shed colour stain looks the best when your home has either deep earthy tones or plain tan colors. Overall, a colour like Bayberry is the perfect starting point if you'd simply like to revamp your shed right away.


Muted Mesa

If you're inspired by Tuscan decor and natural earthy reds, then this colour might be a great addition to your yard. Among all the stain colours for sheds available, Muted Mesa evokes a pleasant, sunny atmosphere you can't achieve with pure neutrals. With this opaque stain, you'll still see the texture of your shed's wood, so you can protect its surface without getting rid of those special, natural qualities of wood.

When you choose Muted Mesa for your shed, it's important to consider the surrounding colours in the exterior design of your home. Will this subdued red throw off the style you're already going for, or will it harmonize with the colours you've chosen so far? If you're having trouble incorporating this colour into your yard, consider bringing in a lawn chair or a set of potted plants that match this subtle, warm hue. With a cohesive set of outdoor furniture and accessories, Muted Mesa will make your shed look more elegant than ever before.


Island Sky

Island Sky is among the trendiest colours for sheds, with its pale, frosty atmosphere and stark shade. This colour is perfect for the homeowner who wants to make a statement while still staying reasonable and orderly. 

Island Sky is reminiscent of the traditional American white picket fence, with a tint of blue thrown in for good measure. Your shed can be dressed up or down depending on your overall design choices. It's easy to pair a shed painted in Island Sky with vibrant flowers and whimsical lawn decor, or to simply match it with pale blue curtains peeking through the windows of your home. Overall, this versatile colour is both trendy and traditional.


Trident Blue

Since staining your shed is incredibly easy, why not go for something a little more radical? Trident Blue is a quality colour for your shed because it will truly stand out from everything else in the neighborhood. With a vibrant hue and a protective finish, this stain is all your shed needs to feel brand new again.

Trident Blue evokes royal colours and a rich palette. If you'd like a backyard that looks incredible, consider incorporating yellow or white tulips that will pair well with this dignified color. For an overall cohesive design, you may want to install a regal blue mailbox and vibrant lawn decor to accentuate your shed's new magnificence.


Choosing the right colour for your shed can feel both exciting and accessible, depending on how you approach it. With the helpful tips in this article, it's possible to choose from a more refined palette of stain colours for sheds and create a beautiful backyard. Whether you're window-shopping for your dream backyard or you're ready to start improving your yard and home value, the shed colours listed above are sure to look great in nearly any yard.


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